Spatial Indicators

Search for indicators to profile and understand spatial development dynamics in cities and regions

Place Explorer

Use the Regional Profiler to:

  • Select a region or choose a district to profile
  • View and compare socio-economic dynamics and movement trends between regions and across borders
  • Identify areas of population growth and decline
  • Explore demand implications for service delivery and infrastructure investment
  • Enhance housing, transport and infrastructure planning, SDFs and IDPs
  • Find socio-economic information for catchment areas and environmental impact assessments (EIA’s)

Use the Town Growth Profiler to:

  • Explore the SA settlement and town typology
  • Track town growth
  • Compare development dynamics between cities, towns and rural settlements


  • Access the latest range of innovative analyses and project findings
  • Learn from experiences, recent investigations and case studies
  • Explore the value of collaborative research and possible research collaboration
  • Inform spatial plans, housing and infrastructure investments

City & Settlement Modelling

  • Explore the possibilities of simulating growth implications
  • Learn from experience, recent investigations and case studies
  • Consider the value of modelling alternative spatial planning, as well as catalytic housing and infrastructure investment outcomes

Policy & Investment Implications

Explore research findings and policy implications aimed at improving investment impact, sustainability and rural and urban human experiences in cities, towns and settlements 

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