Social Facility and Location Planning

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Social Facilty Provision Standards

As part of the larger process to improve access to social service points and provide social equity, as well as to provide input parameters for service access planning being undertaken in accessibility modelling, access standards for the provision of social facilities have been developed by the CSIR. These standards and guidelines provide access and threshold standards that have been tested and/or discussed with stakeholders over a number of years and are intended as a planning tool to support the identification of priorities within the available financial resources. Click here to access the Social Facility Provision Standards.

Space Planner

The CSIR has developed the Space Planner – a free, web-based tool – for calculating the social facility demand and associated land use requirements for a given development based on any agreed set of provision standards including those indicated above. It takes into consideration such factors as land availability, housing densities and family sizes. Logon to to make use of this free tool. Click here to access the Space Planner.

Social Facility Provision Toolkit

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform launched the first web-based toolkit to support a differentiated application of social facility provision standards in non-metropolitan areas. The toolkit provides users with profile information on all non-metropolitan areas in South Africa and enables users to calculate the required social facility provision targets for each service region, based on a set of differentiated standards. Click here to access the Social Facility Provision Toolkit.

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